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Top : Prison Abolition

Prison Abolition

  • - Short essay on abolishing prisons, with a practical approach to getting there. popular (Added: 20-Nov-2001 Hits: 944)
  • Instead of Prisons: A Handbook for Prison Abolitionists - Online edition. Amazing book summarizes the research on prisons as of the 1976 writing and discusses the strategy of abolition. For example, how do we pick reforms to fight for now that make our long term goal of abolition easier to obtain? popular (Added: 17-Jun-2003 Hits: 583)
  • Autobiography of Tiyo Attallah Salah-El - Tiyo Attallah Salah-el has a life goal: to abolish prisons. It might not be a shock to the reader that a prisoner serving a life sentence wants to abolish prisons--though many prisoners likely would disagree with Tiyo's conclusions. (Added: 27-Dec-2006 Hits: 105)
  • Filiarmonici - Italian site against every kind of prison. Many texts, letters, documents available. (In Italian) (Added: 8-Oct-2002 Hits: 194)
  • Prison Justice In Canada - In support of prisoners and prison justice activism in Canada (Added: 20-Oct-2003 Hits: 207)

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