About this site

Prisonsucks.com is a clearinghouse for useful, verifiable statistics about the crime control industry. Too often prison activists use statistics that are out of date, provided without citation or simply wrong. One of these days the public will start listening to prison activists, so let's be prepared to win without being sidetracked by arguments over defective statistics. In some cases, the numbers we need don't exist. In others, the facts exist but activists don't know where to find them. Now you do. Start at prisonsucks.com.

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  • The fence image in the banner is a detail of an image licensed from istockphoto.
  • The graphs used in the banner were produced by the Prison Policy Initiative from research in the The Prison Index: Taking The Pulse of the Crime Control Industry


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  • The Incarceration Clock was written in javascript with the assistance of Matt Elrod and the Drug War Clock.
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